Pn 7

French Pacific Territories 5000 Francs CFP 2014 Unc

Pn 6a

French Pacific Territories 1000 Francs CFP 2014 Unc

Pn 1g

French Pacific Territories 500 Francs 2007 Unc

Each flag has a different color and symbol, to represent each territory

Saint Pierre and Miquelon: Maroon and ship (as in the actual flag)

Wallis and Futuna: Red and square with saltire (as in the actual flag)

Réunion: Red-Orange and volcano (Piton de la Fournaise)

French Polynesia: Orange and canoe (as in the actual flag)

New Caledonia: Yellow and flèche faîtière (as in the actual flag)

French Guiana: Green and water lily (national flower)

Martinique: Turquoise and conch (as in the actual flag)

French Southern and Atlantic Lands: Blue and territorial symbol (as in the actual flag)

Saint Martin: Navy blue and pelican (as in the CoA)

Guadeloupe: Black and sun with sugar canes (as in the actual flag)

Mayotte: Silver and seahorse (as in the actual unofficial flag)

Saint Barthélemy: Gold and three crowns (to represent its Swedish heritage)