2023 Sam's Rijk1400 denarii Unc Specimen

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1400 denarii Sam's Empire 2023. This year marks the 1400th anniversary of the founding of Samo's Empire, a
state formation (supra-tribal union) of the Slavs in Central Europe
It was led by the (probably) Frankish merchant Samo.
His portrait is the main motif of the front of the gabrišovka, and for the reverse it became
motif of the Battle of Wogastisburg, where he killed Samo de
Frankish king Dagobert I defeated.

Dimensions (mm): 145 x 75mm

Date of issue: April 2023

Numbering: SR series - 600 pcs, MG 00000 - 150 pcs,
numbered series MG until the end of the year Album - 200 pieces

AC series *author's copy* numbers 1-10 are only for Matej Gábriš's private collection - not for sale

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