2023 Nicolai Copernicus 550 Unc

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550 years since the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus.
He was an astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, humanist, canon in the Catholic Church and an economist who worked in Poland. M. Copernicus lived in the years 1473 - 1543.
On the 550th anniversary of his birth, Matej Gábriš created this beautiful work in his honor.

Dimensions (mm): 157 x 86 mm

Release date: January 2023

Numbering: Series MK - 400 pcs,
Series PL - 400 pcs,
MG 00000 - 100 pcs,
numbered series MG for the year-end Album - 200 pcs., 20 pcs. - Printing error, duplicate numbers MK series, perforation CANCELED

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