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2023 Banknotes of Earth 20,50,100 Miles Unc Specimen

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For the third "animal" series of gábrišovés, Matej Gábriš chose the theme of the marine world.
On the one hand, because it moves to the sea and symbolically because the whole free creation
this year it matches mainly blue colors, thus referring to our "blue planet".
For him, the sea means silence, calm, but also inexhaustible energy and incredible strength.
For the front pages, he chose a seahorse, a beluga yellow-white and a blue shark.
On the reverse sides, he depicted the sea associated with human activity: Ships, a submarine and a lighthouse.
The print was made in a printer with a value mode on watermark paper with protective fibers, and the front side is completed with a print visible under UV light.

Dimensions of 20 Miles (mm): 144 x 81 mm
Dimensions 50,100 Miles (mm): 146 x 80 mm

Release date: May 2023

Numbering and cost: individual. numbering,
20 Miles series EA 600 pcs.
50 Miles series EA 600 pcs.
100 Miles series EA 600 pcs.
annulates MG 000000 - 200 pcs.,
Series MG year-end Album 200 pcs

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